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Equipment Disconnect NEMA Rating

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I am wondering if there is any way to hide the NEMA rating note of a disconnect switch associated with a piece of equipment in plan view but still have it displayed in the equipment schedule? It seems that when I use the "Erase Note" command in Design Master it doesn't just erase the note, but it erases the associated NEMA rating with the disconnect in the Edit Equipment menu therefore also erasing the scheduled information. See attached Photos.



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Instead of using the "NEMA Rating" field, press the "Schedule Information" button and use one of the "DIsconnect, Schedule Note" fields in there. We include three generic notes on purpose for whatever use you want. Consistently use one of them for your NEMA rating. In the columns for the schedule, add that note as a column and change the header to say "DISC NEMA RATING".

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