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DM Attribute Language

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Is there somewhere I can become familiar with the language to make DM blocks? For instance, creating a new design of a panel for a One Line Diagram to meet company standards.


This is an example of something that I need to edit, but I'm not sure what the vertical bars, hyphens, and 'i's do.



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That is an internal format that's not intended to be directly modified by users.


Instead, you want to use the various customization commands we have included to create your blocks. This page has some tutorials on that:



For a new panel, you want to insert a panel on the one-line, then modify the labels that appear using our standard commands. Make it look right for what your company wants. Then use the "Create Block from One-Line Diagram" command. This command creates that formatted string for you. When you use the block you create, it will come in with the labels in the location and order you've specified.

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