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Equipment Breaker/Frame Size

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When defining equipment, there is an option to specify/calculate Breaker Size and a separate option to specify Frame Size. I don't see a way to have the Frame Size displayed in either the Panel Schedule (once equipment is circuited) or in the Equipment Schedule. Is there a way to automatically display this, or do I need to put it as a Schedule Note and then turn-on that Schedule Note in the Equipment Schedule. It seems if I specify the Frame Size, there should be a way to automatically display it without having to also add a duplicate Schedule Note.


Am I missing something?

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When we add a feature in one place, we sometimes miss other places it should be supported. In this case, we added frame sizes to equipment for the one-line diagram upgrade in the last release. We forgot to add it anywhere else.


I've sent you a patch directly that has adds the frame size as a field to the equipment schedule. That's an obvious and easy addition that we really should have included in the first place.


Our panel schedules don't support frame size. Adding that is a little more work so it is not going to be included there.

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Patch worked great.


Having it in the Equipment Schedule works fine. I don't necessarily need the option in the Panel Schedule (it would be a nice option, but I don't need it).


As usual thanks for the quick response.

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