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Missing blocks in support path

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Hey I'm trying to start using the 'Insert Feeder ID' feature and It says I'm missing the blocks out of the support path. Is there a way to get the updated DM blocks?



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If you the installer to install an update, it will add any block files that are missing from your customization folder.



It is possible that you are using a file that is no longer included in our default customization. If the installer doesn't add the file for you, let me know which file you are missing and I can send you a copy directly.

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It seems to be all the blocks int he latest update. Was there a big addition to the customization folder to accommodate the update earlier this year? I reinstalled the update and the customization folder still doesn't have the new blocks.


Here are just a few that I'm able to see at a glance.


Feeder blocks:



Riser Blocks:







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