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Live/Work Unit Panel Schedule

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I have a need to show a unit panel schedule in a Multi-Family residential mixed use type building for a Live/Work unit that has both dwelling unit loads and commercial loads. I am using the NEC Section 4 (220.82) calculation method for the unit loads.


In addition to the standard dwelling unit type loads I need to show a load type for commercial lighting (125% demand factor) and a load type for commercial receptacles (100% demand factor). These loads do not fall under NEC 220.82.


How would I go about showing the unit loads using the NEC 220.82 calculation method and the commercial loads using the standard calculation method all within a single panel schedule?


I tried to set the schedule block to 'multifamily dwelling unit with house loads' as the format would be correct, however it does not calculate and add in the commercial loads into the house load section.


Please help.



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I've updated the calculations to correctly handle panels with section IV dwelling unit loads and other loads. I'll be sending you an update directly. It will be released officially in the DM Electrical 8.4.7 patch.

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