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CFM per Ton is high

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How does the load calculate CFM/Ton. It always seems to be a little on the high side 500 CFM/ton. But on my latest calc its up to 700+CFM/ton. I'm using regular split systems on the project and I can force the airflow down to the normal rates, but I am curious as to why this particular load is so much different.

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That's just the result of the specific inputs for you project.


CFM / ton is based upon the cooling supply CFM and cooling supply load.


Cooling supply CFM is based upon the room sensible load (which usually can't be changed) and the room cooling temperature and supply air temperature. Adjusting the temperatures will allow you to adjust the CFM if desired.


Cooling supply load is based upon the system sensible and latent load. You usually can't change these much, either.


If the CFM / ton check value is high, it is typically because the latent load is 0 or something close to it relative to the sensible.

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