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Plumbing Isometrics - offset and multiple offset

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I haven't noticed very many recent posts in the plumbing area, but hoping someone that has some experience with this can comment.


I use the Isometrics function a lot. thing is when I have huge drawings, Like a 600' long warehouse, I don't need my iso to be 600' long to show one little line with a couple hose bibbs. Short of setting my view to 1" = 80' (or worse) I would prefer to use the offset isometric command. Thing is when I start offsetting a line here or there to shrink it up, I get into a whole new mess with lines offsetting and whole sections moving to weird places. Using Multiple offset is even worse. Grabbing a small bathroom group and moving it a few inches one way or the other to tighten up an iso can have disastrous results, especially when you can not just undo out of a mess you have to hunt down every line and remove the offset.


So I guess what I am asking is do these functions work like they are intended or am I just doing something wrong? I love the iso function it saves me hours when drawing iso's but its useless if I have to spend hours trying to make it tighter so it fits on a sheet and is still readable.


Any help or thoughts are welcome.

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Getting the isometric offset to work correctly is a surprisingly difficult challenge. We're constantly improving it, but we are still finding cases where it doesn't work quite right.


If you have an example of a project where it does not work, send us a copy of the project. Let us know what you are offsetting and we'll see if we can recreate the error. Once we can recreate it, we should then be able to get it fixed.

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Have you tried using two separate viewports on your paper space sheet. This will simply cut out the middle portion of the plumbing line that does'nt have any fixtures on it. You can move the viewports on the papar space sheet to line up any way you want?

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